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Agamasat resources are having more than 12+ years of real experience in the Geographical Information System (GIS) domain and specializes in undertaking GIS contracting services like GIS conversion, GIS Mapping, Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Utility mapping, GIS based Application Development, Conversion of manual maps to GIS etc.

Client satisfaction is our organization’s goal, we constantly strive for the benefit of our customers by providing cost effective solutions in spatial sphere in a speedy manner and with a high level of accuracy. In Agamasat, we follow industry standard processes / procedures with the help of leading mapping software platforms to meet our client’s requirements.

Offerings :

>> Consulting

>> Geospatial Applications

>>Database Update and Data Integration

>>Parcel Mapping Services

>>Utility Mapping

>>Municipal GIS

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Mobile Solutions

Agamasat resources are having more than 12+ years of real experience in the technologies that enable field service management including global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS).

We work mainly for businesses that plan, maintain and operate assets and infrastructure details.  The organisations that need for up to date and timely information about the location and status of the features can knock the doors of Agamasat. We write systems, data flows, ensure information arrives where and when it is needed and provide training.

Utilizing the many geo-location technologies now available we provide location aware mobile apps. These include apps which use the power of GIS through ArcGIS or GeoServer, and others which provide geo-fencing capabilities. The locationally intelligent apps we produce allow organizations to get their work done both in and out of the office. Agamasat provides solutions for mobile application development needs across different business verticals which include:

Apple iOS Application Development
Android Application Development
Blackberry Application Development
Windows Mobile Application Development

Remote Sensing

Our Remote Sensing services include city planning, pipeline routing, agriculture & forestry mapping, RF map datasets creation for Telecom players etc. Our geodetic and mapping experts create two-dimensional interactive mapping projects by overlaying third-party data, such as land cadastre ownership information, census data, and labels of geographic features etc. Agamasat is able to produce a seamless raster data product from multiple image tiles.

Our services include:

Procurement of High and Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery & Digital Aerial Photography
Raster-to-Vector Translation
Land Cover and Change Detection
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